March 29

What can The Garage offer that dealerships cannot?

If you plan to keep your car for more than five years—and these days, cars are build to last for 20 or more years in good running order—you may not be getting the best maintenance advice from your dealership. In this video, Kevin Tremblay explains what you could be missing out on.

Peace of mind (@1 minute 37sec)

The Garage can offer flexibility and freedom to be in control of your car’s maintenance in a way that dealers cannot. Discover the reason why.

An unbiased opinion on necessary repairs (@2 minutes 0 seconds)

Did you know that dealerships have a manufacturer-imposed limit on the number of faults they are allowed to fix under warranty? You could be out of luck even if you think a problem is covered! The Garage can offer an independent, unbiased opinion and choices based on your real long-term interests.

Did you know that dealerships have a limit on the number of faults they are allowed to fix under warranty?

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The true condition of your car and what needs to be done (@3 minutes 15 seconds)

We are given the impression that modern cars are very resilient. We may even believe that they don’t wear out! Obviously, that’s a fantasy, but it is well-masked by the many computers that govern all aspects of how your car runs—masking the actual wear and tear that is going on. Come the The Garage, and find out what you are not being informed of.

Long-term satisfaction (@3 minutes 50 seconds)

Ask any regular customer of The Garage if they experience breakdowns and unexpected problems. The vast majority will tell you that they don’t. And, even when life throws a curve ball and something unexpected does happen, they are covered throughout North America under The Garage’s Peace of Mind Warranty supplied by NAPA AutoPro.

What’s your story?

Tell us your car maintenance story by the end of July 2016, may qualify for a nice surprise!

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Tell us about your experiences—good and bad—concerning your relationship with your auto maintenance supplier. Scroll down and add them in the comments box below. We all love great stories and the best ones posted below, by the end of July 2016, may qualify for a nice surprise! Sign up below and we’ll be sure to let you know.

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About the author 

Kevin Tremblay

Kevin Tremblay is a 4th generation employee of The Garage family business in Vancouver, BC, specializing in long-term vehicle maintenance and repair. Kevin has over 15 years’ experience in the trade and is passionate about both his clients and the industry itself. Clients enjoy a high level of service whereby lifestyle and usage of their vehicles informs the service schedule. Because they are fully informed about the status of their cars, clients can make empowered choices, control their budget and enjoy significant savings as the life of their vehicle is extended long past the manufacturer’s warranty expectations.

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