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Squeaky, worn brakes?

The Garage is a full service auto shop that can help with brake servicing and replacements.

A thorough brake inspection is always step 1 when a client has concerns about their brakes performance, or if they want to know the current condition of their vehicle's brake system.

Step 2 is to always offer you several options on every brake system repair. Sometimes choosing higher or lower tiered parts can be an option, depending on your budget and priorities; best performance, quiet brakes, etc. We take the time to work with you upfront to identify what you are looking for, and how we can serve you best with your stress, budget, and long term plans for the vehicle in mind.

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Brakes replacement in Burnaby

Burnaby brakes service

Brake health is important for obvious reasons! If left un-inspected for too long, you could experience trouble while on a family road trip, or sometimes be “ that person” in traffic getting stared at while your vehicle makes awful noises pulling up to a stop sign or red light.

Visit The Garage for a thorough brake inspection in Burnaby. 

You can expect that our technicians will measure pad, rotor, and drum wear, along with the health of your emergency brake and brake fluid. 

Then we'll walk you through any services that may need to be performed, like brake pad replacement, brake fluid flush, or brake line replacement. 

Our brake jobs include resurfacing of brake rotors with our precision on-car brake lathe, lubricating of all moving brake parts, and complete brake fluid flush.

A brake check is part of every annual maintenance service we do here at the Garage. We'll check to see if your brakes are in good working order and measure their wear.

2017 Audi S6 sedan brake replacement at the Garage Burnaby

2017 Audi S6 Sedan brake replacement

Here at The Garage we service all makes and models , including all the top of line German automobiles on the market today. We enjoyed a routine service and new front brakes on a 2017 Audi S6 sedan today. The front disc rotors are 16” in diameter surrounded by the absolutely Gorgeous 6 piston performance Brembo calipers. Hand washed and cleaned as part of our teams premium service standards. These brakes are looking ready for the beautiful summer weather and some Open Safe roads for the 700km break in period of spirited driving 👍 

Check your brakes (and calipers)

We don’t often think about it, because we have such a high expectation that our vehicle will always do what we tell it to but, what if, one day you pressed the brake pedal and your vehicle just didn’t stop? It does happen, and it can be your worst nightmare. Sometimes there are warning signs such as an unexpected noise, or the brake pedal feels different.

The problem is often due to worn brake calipers. Over time, if they are not serviced regularly, one or both sides of a caliper can get stuck. They are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle and, ideally, they should. So the reason we see so many vehicles with this problem coming in to be repaired may surprise you.

Dealership maintenance models do not include caliper servicing. While you are thinking that your new car is being well looked after as part of the maintenance package that came with it when you bought it, although your brake pads may be replaced along the way, the calipers continue to build up dirt, lose their operating efficiency and often get stuck. This can cause damage to both the pads and the rotors, besides the obvious danger to everyone in or near the vehicle.

As with so many parts on a modern car, brake calipers and rotors have become very sophisticated—and more expensive to replace.

Take it easy on the ramps - it will save you brakes years!

You may be surprised to know that driving over speed bumps too fast—or even just driving too fast along bumpy roads—can reduce the life of your suspension to about 4 years. It causes excessive wear on shock absorbers, coil springs, ball joints and control arm bushings that are not designed for this kind of battering. The gas or oil in the shock absorbers overheats and chemically changes over time, so they cannot perform as they should.

This leads to other problems, which are more immediately apparent—such as excessive brake and tire wear. Once the suspension becomes too soft, it is no longer able to keep the car balanced properly. The suspension isn’t just there to give a vehicle’s occupants a comfortable drive. In the same way that a good muscle tone protects a human body’s joints from jarring and impacts, the shock absorbers are designed to hold the vehicle in a way that protects its workings from damage.

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