Emergency Breakdown Assistance
throughout North America

Any vehicle owner

Call us between 8.00am - 5pm and tell us what trouble you are in. We'll assess the situation and if necessary we'll arrange a tow truck to come and get you. 

Existing customers of The Garage

If you are more than 40 kms from The Garage and/or outside our working hours and overnight. Call our 24-hour help line

When you call, quote your Personal Emergency Access Code located on your Emergency Roadside Assistance sticker on your windscreen.

You may also text us on 778 785 5469 or email.

What happens when you call

Within 40kms, 8am-5pm

If you call us on 604 733 1312 during working hours, we will have a brief discussion to assess the situation with your vehicle, learn about your needs and choose a course of action. This could mean that we organize a tow truck to bring your vehicle back to The Garage or send a member of our service staff to assist you. If you are an existing customer covered by our 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance under our Peace of Mind Warranty, we may also start the warranty claim process.

More than 40kms away and outside working hours

If you call 1866 438 6272 NAPA Autopro will find the best, stress-free solution for you once they have established your membership status and your vehicle’s location. Please click on this document for details of our 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance throughout North America.

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