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Our technicians are called 'car doctors'. They are all highly trained and skilled in vehicle maintenance and will operate on virtually any type of vehicle. Get in touch and ask us a question.

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Full range of vehicle services, inspections, & warranty.

What you should know is that every regular oil change also includes a full vehicle inspection. We’ll run a diagnostics, check the transmission, check the alternator, fluid levels, filters, & much more. 

We want your car to be fit for the road, to keep you safe and out of trouble.

That’s what we call “Driving Confidence” 

Vehicle Inspection

Need to have something looked at?
A vehicle inspection allows you to assess a repair’s value, according to your situation and the age of the vehicle.


Investigate problems and find out why something is not working. Unlike a vehicle inspection, it involves disassembly and testing of parts.

Brakes Replacement

Squeaking, or worn brakes?  Book in for service to see if your brakes are in good working order and to measure their wear. 

Maintenance & Tune-ups

Engine tune-ups, and both Winter and Summer servicing. Even vehicles within warranty require maintenance.

Injector Maintenance

Car stuttering, fuel economy getting worse? Often overlooked in maintenance programs, fuel injectors are crucial factor in maintaining engine performance

Transmission Service 

Need to have your transmission checked? A transmission service is typically involved in a regular vehicle service. We’ll replace the fluid and clean out pumps & filters.

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Engine Repair & rebuild

Funny noises coming from your engine? Is it jerking, shuddering, just not feeling right? It takes experienced auto repair technicians to correctly diagnose and repair it. Concerned? Bring it in!

Alternator Service 

Your vehicle’s electrical system is like the body’s nervous system – it controls pretty much everything! If you suspect a problem, you are probably right – let’s check it out!

Diesel Engine Repair

Regular oil changes and maintenance on air, oil, and fuel filters will ensure your diesel keeps purring away. If left alone for too long, diesel engines can be more costly to repair.

Classic Car Repair

Classics and older vehicles are our bread and butter. From Mustangs and Jags, to Chevis and Porsches.. you name it, we've fixed it. Pop in and show us your hot rod, we'd love to see it!

Yes, we do work on Vehicles under warranty!

We work on all cars. Classics, middle-aged, and new cars under warranty. There are certain fixes where using warranty is not preferred options. Talk to us today to learn more.

Let's get your vehicle fixed and back on the road!

Our door is always open for questions and we welcome you to start a conversation with us about your vehicle. Call us on 604-733-1312, or book online.

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