Our history

  • Origins

    Tremblay family farm in 1926

    Even before cars had become popular, the Chief (Art) Tremblay was fixing machinery!

  • Early days

    Tremblay Motors 1934

    Chief (Art) Tremblay began serving the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, working with his four sons, in 1931. From 1934, Tremblay Motors operated from 4th and Macdonald Street. Chief Tremblay continued working in the business until his death in 1975.

  • More locations

    Fred Tremblay, the second of four generations in the business, opened a second location at 16th and Macdonald in 1981, where he worked with his two sons, Ron and Steve.

  • The Garage is launched!

    The Garage is launched!

    The Garage as we know it today was established in 1984, when Fred Tremblay, Ron Tremblay’s father decided to secure the future of the business by moving from 16th and Macdonald Street, where they rented the Chevron garage, and bought the premises at 24th and MacDonald Street in Vancouver. This is what the place looked like when Fred bought it. Lots to do…!

  • Establishing the business

    Establishing the business

    It was at 24th and Macdonald Street that the third generation of Tremblays – Ron and Steve – really got going.

  • Building a reputation

    Ron and Fred Tremblay

    Early on, The Garage became known for its expertise and willingness to take on unusual projects. Here’s Ron Tremblay with his father, Fred – and a rather unusual car. Do you know what make and year this car is? Fill in the form below with your answer. If you are correct, we’ll enter your name for a draw for an introductory inspection and service – on the house!

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  • Expanding the premises

    Expanding the premises

    In 1995, four more bays were added – the large building on the left in this picture – to the two in the existing building. This was also the year that Fred Tremblay retired and the business at 16th and Macdonald was finally closed, when Ron and Steve merged the businesses into The Garage.

  • Building the team

    A strong team with impeccable values has always been at the centre of the culture of The Garage. That’s one reason why customers stay with us for many years.

  • Building industry affiliations

    Building industry affiliations

    In 2008, we started our affiliation with NAPA AUTOPRO. We now offer the benefit of North America-wide warranties through thousands of affiliated service centres in Canada and the USA.

  • Re-branding for success

    Welcome to the Garage Banner

    In 2013, we went through the process of re-branding the business so that it better reflected the point to which we had developed and the qualities we have.

  • Celebrating our first 30 years!

    Time for celebration! Well, we figured 30 years of serving the Vancouver Lower Mainland was quite an achievement, so we invited our loyal customers to party with us at 24th and Macdonald!

  • Gearing up for the future

    Digital inspection at thegarage.ca

    All of our staff are highly qualified to work on a wide range of vehicles and they are continually learning new skills and procedures as vehicles become more complex and advanced. We also value our apprentices and make sure they get their qualifications in a timely manner and in an excellent work environment.

  • The fourth generation is here!

    The Garage team October 2019

    All three of Ron Tremblay’s sons work in the business and Jeffrey is the team leader. They all work from brand new, purpose built premises in Burnaby.

    Call the team now  on 604 733 1312 to discuss your vehicle servicing requirements. We’d love to hear from you.

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