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Vehicle alternator service or replacement

At the Garage we come across our fair share of charging systems and alternator problems, and unfortunately most people will encounter some type of alternator problem within their vehicle's lifetime.

The alternator is the central control system within your vehicle, which acts as your charging system for everything electrical. Your vehicle’s electrical system is like the body’s nervous system – it controls pretty much everything! If you suspect a problem, you are probably right – let’s check it out!

If your car won't start, or your battery keeps running down, that could be a sign that your alternator needs attention.

How The Garage can help?

The Garage team has built long standing relationships with thousands of vehicle owners all across Burnaby, Vancouver, and surrounding neighbourhoods. We know how important it is to have your car in good working condition, for commuting, to run errands, and for lugging the family around. Your car is essential to your life! 

Our goal is to get your vehicle fixed as soon as possible and for you smiling and back out on the road again! 

Alternators are not as straight forward as you might think. That's why we'll educate you on its function (if you'd like) so you are better educated on your vehicle.  Our technicians can assist with repairing a detective alternator, or fitting a replacement. 

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What does an alternator look like?

Almost every car with an internal combustion engine has an alternator, with the exception of some hybrids. As the engine runs, the alternator charges the battery and supplies additional power to the vehicle's electrical systems
In some cars, the alternator can last for up to 10-15 years without any repairs. If your alternator does fail, your vehicle may still run for a short time on battery power.

What is an alternator?

An alternator's main purpose is to maintain the battery. Basically what happens is that it uses the engine power to create electricity and sends it over to the battery to keep it fully charged. Engine power is sent to the alternator via the engine drive belt, aka serpentine belt. This is why it is so important to keep the belt tight and replace it when needed.

When you are driving your car with all the lights on, the windshield wipers on and the radio blasting it uses a lot of electrical power. If all you had was a battery all of this electricity usage would drain the battery in a matter of minutes (sometimes more like an hour depending on how good your battery is). To prevent this from happening and to keep our battery fully charged, we use an alternator.

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