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Transmission service at the Garage

A transmission service is a regular part of routine car maintenance, just like an oil change. At the Garage we work on vehicle transmission problems every day. 

In a typical transmission service we’ll replace fluid and clean out pumps & filters. The primary aspect of the service is flushing out the old transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid.

However, a complete transmission service should also include: examining the sump pump or pan (if possible), replacing or cleaning the filter, cleaning the pan and installing it with a new pan gasket. Not only do we replace transmission fluid and filter, we also check various components to make sure they are in good working order


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Car maintenance service at the Garage

Transmission problems

As with all your car’s systems, your engine and transmission should be inspected and serviced part of routine car maintenance. 

A failing transmission can be a real pain. And because it’s such a vital part of your vehicle’s regular operation, you can’t turn a blind eye.. it needs to be looked at straight away. 

If you have noticed any transmission problems such as shaking, jerking, hesitation or slipping gears, burning smell, or leaking fluids make sure to mention these to us when you call to book in your vehicle. 

Transmission repair, rebuild, or overhaul?

If you've heard variations of the lingo. Don't worry, it all means the same thing!

What's typically involved?

Completely rebuilding a transmission involves removing the transmission and completely disassembling it. Each component is inspected for damage or excessive wear. Parts that are in good shape will be cleaned for use in the reassembled transmission, while any parts that need to be replaced will be taken care of at this point. Clutches, seals, gaskets, and any other wear items will be replaced as well.

Vehicle Transmission FAQs

What's included in a transmission service?

A comprehensive transmission service at The Garage is an integral part of preventative maintenance for your vehicle. Not only do we clean and replace transmission fluid and filter, we also check various components to make sure they are in healthy condition. 

This includes 

  • examining the transmission sump and pan
  • cleaning the transmission pan.
  • replacing the pan's gasket material. 
  • inspect inside your transmission to check for friction damage and metal particles. 
  • look for excessive wear serious enough to be of concern. 

If there are any serious issues, our technician will explain these to you and what the steps are to fix it. 

Signs I have a problem with my transmission?

Common symptoms of transmission problems include;

  • Shaking or jerking motions
  • Check engine light is on
  • Burning smell from overheated transmission fluid
  • Delay or hesitation when you change gear
  • Puddles of fluid under the car
  • Noises when the car is in neutral
  • Car seems to shift gear or changes to neutral by itself

Transmission problems should never be ignored. Maintenance repairs on transmissions, like replacing fluid or sealing a leak, can be done quickly and at little expense. 

How often should I get a transmission service?

Every 2 to 3 years.
After the first transmission fluid change at 60,000 miles, it is recommended that you regularly continue this maintenance service every 2 to 3 years or 25K-30K miles. Not only do your driving habits affect the breakdown of transmission fluid, but so can putting off getting the service done.

What's the difference between a transmission service and flush?

Transmission fluid - how to know when to change it?

What's the cost of a transmission service?

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