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Your diesel engine

You've been turned away by another auto shop, because they cannot fix your diesel. Argh!  

Although diesel engines generally have less problems than gasoline ones, maintenance is still extremely important. 

Regular oil changes and maintenance on air, oil, and fuel filters will ensure your engine keeps purring away. If left alone for too long, diesel engines can be more costly to repair. 

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Car maintenance service at the Garage

What we service

Bring in your vehicle for a service and we'll take a look at these areas under the hood to make sure everything is in working order.

  • Air, oil, and fuel filters 
  • Cooling systems
  • Glow plugs
  • Transmission service

It's important to maintain your diesel engine

Fuel filters should be replaced as part of your routine maintenance schedule, typically every 6-10K kilometres. Most newer diesel engines will have two fuel filters, a primary and a secondary. Both filters, should be replaced at the same time for ideal performance, and this can be done at around 8-10K kms

Diesel engines have fewer engine components than gasoline engines, which means your car has less chance of system malfunction. Over their lifetime, most diesel engines generally require fewer repairs and maintenance services than their gas counterpart.

Cooling system performance is essential to long engine life. As these engines have extremely high combustion temperatures, any sudden overheating can cause significant engine damage. 

Bottomline, diesels can be extremely costly to repair if not maintained. Speak to us about our warranty program and make sure you never miss another oil change again!

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