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 ​Jeffrey Tremblay”​During these uncertain times as the situation with COVID-19 is still developing and the situation on the ground is changing, a lot of customers are calling ​and asking questions about the servicing of their vehicles.We provide some answers ​here, and would love to hear from you if you have more questions. There’s a form […]

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New car warranties and maintenance: what you need to know

Vehicle maintenance plan

When you buy a new car you, are sold a fantasy. The fantasy is that the manufacturer’s warranty will save you lots of unpleasant expenditure and keep the car in good shape. To an extent, the warranty keeps its promise as you enjoy a trouble-free driving experience for three, four or five years. The trouble is that when the warranty expires, you may have a problem, and you may be surprised at the true condition of your car.

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Winter Prep Service at The Garage

Every year, your ​vehicle needs to be ready for ​winter in British Columbia​. The last thing ​motorists want is to get stranded out in the cold. We need our vehicles to be safe and reliable. It’s ​always best to get caught up on any neglected maintenance items ​– but the stakes are higher ​during the BC […]

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Disappearing independent vehicle service shops and the impact on ownership

Prepare your car for winter

There’s a big change happening in the auto industry that’s catching people unawares. Essentially, we are moving from a mindset of ‘fix it when it breaks’ or ‘fix it when the light comes on’—that has been there since motor vehicles first arrived on the scene and is still very much entrenched in our thinking—to a culture of long-term preventative maintenance.

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Why are some seemingly simple repairs so expensive?

As vehicles become ever more computerized and complex, even the most basic repair can cost a lot more than you may reasonably expect. In this video, Kevin Tremblay, General Manager at The Garage in Vancouver, BC, explains why, for example, you can no longer simply replace a door lock cylinder when it breaks.

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