October 2

Ron Tremblay Interview: the bigger picture at The Garage

He's a hard man to pin down, but I recently caught up with Ron Tremblay at The Garage and discovered that there is a lot more to this infectiously positive, energetic man and his business than you might think.

The following two short audio interviews give some insight into just a few of his many activities - how he is championing the cause of apprenticeships in BC, helping to develop a sustainable automotive industry and still finding time to sponsor and personally roll up his sleeves and help feed thousands on Vancouver's Downtown East Side.

Recognition for services to the industry and apprenticeships

Shirley Bond, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Minister Responsible for Labour, presents Ron Tremblay and The Garage with a Certificate of Recognition for his services to apprenticeship programmes and their development, at a ceremony in Vancouver on 9 September 2015. Gary Herman, CEO of the Industry Training Authority (ITA), looks on.

Ron Tremblay was honoured with the 'Member of the Year' Award at The Automotive Retailers Association's Annual General Meeting in Kelowna on 19 September 2015. BC Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Todd Stone, was in attendance.

Giving back to those in need in the community

Ron Tremblay and The Garage are a main sponsor for One More Time Charity that  has fed over 42,000 homeless and less fortunate. They have helped many young women to reconnect with their families, get away from the life of drugs and prostitution and return home. Bi-weekly visits are made to missions and halfway houses with clothing and food, and the charity has provided jackets, clothing, blankets, and sleeping bags to several missions and charitable groups, as well as directly to people who spend their nights on the sidewalk.

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