Why are some seemingly simple repairs so expensive?

As vehicles become ever more computerized and complex, even the most basic repair can cost a lot more than you may reasonably expect. In this video, Kevin Tremblay, General Manager at The Garage in Vancouver, BC, explains why, for example, you can no longer simply replace a door lock cylinder when it breaks.

Kevin Tremblay explains why even the most basic vehicle repair can cost a lot more than you may reasonably expect

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"Door locks are being phased out", Kevin explains. Some are push-button on a numbered panel or, as is usually the case nowadays, they are remote controlled from a key fob. That means that the door lock is integrated with a computer in the door, as well as the door handle or latch assembly. And these are all contained within a sealed, unserviceable unit that may cost hundreds of dollars. Not only that, but any new computerized part has to be programmed to communicate with the other computers in the vehicle, thus adding to the installation cost.

But it's not all doom and gloom. At The Garage, there are often cost-effective alternatives that you're unlikely to find anywhere else. Watch the video to discover how we resolve some of these issues.

The Garage can offer cost-effective alternatives to parts replacement that you're unlikely to find anywhere else

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What's your story?

Tell us about your experiences—good and bad—concerning unserviceable parts and sealed units that cost a small fortune! Scroll down and add them in the comments box below. We all love great stories and the best ones posted below, by the end of July 2016, may qualify for a nice surprise! Sign up below and we’ll be sure to let you know.

Kevin Tremblay

Kevin Tremblay is a 4th generation employee of The Garage family business in Vancouver, BC, specializing in long-term vehicle maintenance and repair. Kevin has over 15 years’ experience in the trade and is passionate about both his clients and the industry itself. Clients enjoy a high level of service whereby lifestyle and usage of their vehicles informs the service schedule. Because they are fully informed about the status of their cars, clients can make empowered choices, control their budget and enjoy significant savings as the life of their vehicle is extended long past the manufacturer’s warranty expectations.

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