August 10

The Simple Truth: dash lights and what to do when they come on


When ever a light comes on, on your dashboard, are you sure you know what it means and what you should do about it? Should you stop the car and get a tow? Is it safe to keep driving, and if so, how far and for how long?

In this video, Ron Tremblay at talks Laura through the various meanings of different lights on the dashboard and offers advice to keep you stress-free.

About the author 

Ronald Tremblay

Ronald Tremblay is the owner of The Garage, a fourth-generation family business, specializing in vehicle maintenance and repair. Clients enjoy a high-level of service informed by lifestyle and vehicle usage and they are fully informed about the status of their vehicles. As such, clients can make empowered decisions, control their budget and save money as the life of their vehicle is extended long past the manufacturer's warranty expectations.

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