November 2

The Simple Truth: Building a relationship with your local service shop


Building a relationship with your local service shop is the best way to have your vehicle looked after properly. In this video, we see how sometimes an initial conversation may not go so well, and how the customer can get great long-term service for their vehicle and Ron Tremblay explains the benefits of getting to know the people who actually work on your car.

Taking your car to a service shop when you think there is nothing wrong with it can be a wise move.

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And Ron explains how the computers on modern cars can mast wear and tear that is happening and that the vehicle owner may not be aware of.

Taking your vehicle in to The Garage for an inspection helps you drive with confidence and can save you money and stress. Book your appointment here.

  • I was just in to get a fairly major over haul done on my SUV. I was very pleased with the work and service I got from start to finish! Jeffrey must have spent a couple hours with me explaining all my options. He went to bat for me and got some warranty work covered. Some of the mechanics showed me exactly the problems underneath my truck, and the final bill came in as advertised. I recommend these guys definately!

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