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Engine Repair at the Garage

Are you having engine trouble? Get a repair in Burnaby!!

Is your car making noises like knocking or tapping? Are you notice a loss of power, or sluggishness during acceleration? These are all common signs of some sort of engine troubles. This could indicate that your vehicle is low on oil, or that a major engine part has failed, or a valve is wearing out. 

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle. It takes experiences auto repair technicians to correctly diagnose and repair it.

Our guys will start with a thorough, manufacturer specific diagnostic, focussing on repairs first. A rebuild or replacement should always be a last resort. We want you to never pay more than you have to.

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From oil changes to transmission overhauls, no job is too big or small, and our highly experienced and skilled mechanics are qualified to work on any car models and makes. So whatever your engine repair and maintenance needs are, count on the Garage for prompt, honest, and affordable service.

Our goal is to get your vehicle fixed as soon as possible, put a smile on your face and get you back out on the road again!

Give us a call today on 604-733-1312 to schedule an engine inspection, or feel free to stop by the shop. One of our friendly technicians would be happy to assist you.

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Engine check light

Engine check light on - Don't panic!

Whenever a light comes on, on your dashboard, are you sure you know what it means and what you should do about it? Should you stop the car and get a tow? Is it safe to keep driving, and if so, how far and for how long?

Engine check light on - Don't panic!

It's not necessarily a big concern. 

I you think of a traffic light where red stay stop, orange is caution, and green is go. Well, that works the same for your dash lights too! 

So if a red light came on, you'd want to pull over right away! You shouldn't really be driving. 

For a yellow light, like a check engine light, this is usually related to how the engine is functioning, mostly to do with emissions. So not necessarily a critical right now, but the engine is compromised in some way, and sometime in the next day or 2, you'd want to get it checked out. 

Don't worry, the team at the Garage are here to help. Bring in your vehicle for inspection and we'll figure out what the problem is.

What do all the lights mean?

An engine light Belts, gazettes, reaping sensors. 

In this video, Ron Tremblay from The Garage talks Laura through the various meanings of different lights on the dashboard and offers advice to keep you stress-free.

Signs you need to get your engine inspected?

So if your check engine light came on and you hear some funny noises or clunks, or something that you normally use likes the brakes didn't feel right or sound right, that would add to your reason to stop driving right away. 

With all warning lights, is important to have it looked at as soon as possible. Delaying a visit to a garage can potentially further damage your vehicle and threaten your safety.

Here are some obvious signs of engine trouble:

  • Check engine light is on - An obvious telltale sign of  an engine problem is a light on your dash. Remember red is bad, orange is ok (but get it checked out)
  • Your engine is making strange noises - Apart from the usual hum, is it making any unusual noises? Either when accelerating, or when stationary.
  • Your vehicle is running rough and jerky - A Serious problem with your engine may cause the vehicle to shake, stutter, jerk, or lose power at seemingly random moments.
  • Needing more fuel  - hav you noticed your car is burning through gas much quicker than normal? This could mean your engine may be performing inefficiently.

Engine Repair FAQs

How much does it cost to repair a car engine?

How long is a piece of string? 

It really depends on the extent of damage to the engine.

Can a damaged engine be fixed?

Is it worth it to replace an engine?

Is it cheaper to rebuild or replace an engine?

How much does it cost to service an engine?

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