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The Garage has worked on thousands of classic cars over the years. Actually, that's what we are known for! 

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For all your classic, custom, antique and rare car needs, feel free to give us a call and learn more about how The Garage can work with you to take care of your personalized vehicle needs. We are committed to having any vehicle owner of any type of vehicle.

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Classic car at the shop for repair 2

Classic Car Spotlight

This week we had another wonderful opportunity to take care of a clients special new car. He recently purchased this beautiful piece of automobile history to enjoy some fun spring and summer drives for many years to come. We diagnosed and sorted out some electrical wiring issues in various different systems and resolved a leak in the brake system. 

Now she is ready to go into Winter Hibernation “tip top” and ready for the roads come spring time 

For all your classic, custom, antique and rare car needs, feel free to give us a call and learn more about how The Garage can work with you to take care of your personalized vehicle needs.

Classic car - 1984 Porsche 944 in for repair

Classic Spotlight #2 - 1984 Porsche 944

Today we had the Great pleasure and Honour of servicing another True beautiful piece of German Automobile history. An incredibly well kept, all original 1984 Porsche 944 glass back coupe. With today’s Routine annual service and a few small maintenance items tended to, she is ready for the last 1-2 months of Summer weather cruising before resting for winter months as she is very fortunate to be Garage-kept all its life

For all your classic, custom, antique and rare car needs, feel free to give us a call and learn more about how The Garage can work with you to take care of your personalized vehicle needs. 

Fully restored 66 El Camino

Classic Spotlight #3 - 66 El Camino

Welcome to Summer Hot Rod & Classic car fans. This absolutely gorgeous and fully restored 66 El Camino is now ready for summer cruising.! This vehicle was built over 2-3 years as a Father n Son project, our client got very lucky finding it for sale last fall. With a few minor adjustments and some regular spring maintenance this Black Beauty is ready for some dry pavement and an Open road with the tunes cranked

Austin Healey in for repairs at the Garage Burnaby

Classic Spotlight #3 - 1959 Austin Healy

The Garage team had the pleasure and Honor of finishing up some minor repairs and Spring servicing to this Absolutely Gorgeous and fully Restored 1959 Austin Healy 3000. One of our beloved customers summer car.
Our team is truly proud and honoured by the opportunity to service and restore any Classic or Antique vehicles, giving us the chance to keep the automotive spirit from our grandfathers alive in today’s modern world.

Have you heard of the 'new classic'

Many motorists are asking how they can maintain, simplicity, privacy, personal dignity, freedom to choose and a sense of control over their vehicle ownership, now and into the future. Being a part of the ‘tech backlash’ is attractive to many. Many simply want a reliable, fuel efficient, simple vehicle that they have full control over with the freedom of being off the grid. How do they go about that? The answer is easier - and cheaper - than you may think. They drive what we refer to as ‘a new classic’.

A new classic is typically, the kind of car that you really don’t notice much. The quintessential new classic is something like the Toyota Corolla. Plain, reliable, unremarkable. But, if you get the right new classic, you can retain your personal space and freedom, save loads of money and the stress that comes with new technology.

The 10-year sweet spot: 1990 - 2000
If you look at the way vehicles developed up until 1990, through to 2000 and beyond, you can see that there is an opportunity to have the car you want. If you want autonomy, independence, pride in ownership, reliability, simplicity and privacy, choose a vehicle in this window.

The good news
‘New classics’ are a dime a dozen and, generally, parts are still easily accessible for them. And they are cheap. Refurbishing a new classic to near-new condition is a lot cheaper than buying an equivalent new car. Once it is done, the car is most likely good for at least another 200,000km of fuel-efficient, reliable motoring that no-one is monitoring from afar. It’s also a lot more environmentally-friendly and efficient in terms of global natural resources consumed.

Learn how to stay in control of your car amid regulatory changes and vehicle technology advancements.

Should I replace my car?

Great question! We'll let Ron answer that one.

Class car restorations

We often get asked about restorations too! 

Classic car restoration always sounds like fun to auto enthusiasts. Of course, there is a lot of work involved with these projects, as well.

While we can help with the engine rebuild, unfortunately we don't do bodywork. You'll have to take it to one of the neighbouring shops to get that done. 

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