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Ronald Tremblay – owner of The Garage, Vancouver BC


Driving a better experience in vehicle ownership


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30 years at Macdonald Street

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New car?
Manufacturer’s warranty?
No problem

The Garage has the necessary trade qualification to carry out maintenance and repairs on your brand new car under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.


That means you can benefit from:

  • a more comprehensive maintenance regime to protect your vehicle over the long term
  • a better understanding of your vehicle and what it requires to considerably extend its life
  • the opportunity to, in some cases, make use of parts that last longer or perform better than original parts


You’re in good hands at The Garage

We appreciate that vehicles are an essential part of our clients’ lives that need to be properly managed in order to get the best out of them.

We’re on your side

  • We help you efficiently manage annual vehicle maintenance and get the most out of your investment in your vehicle (more…)
  • We help you understand what work your vehicle needs and the benefits of doing it properly (more…)
  • We can show you ways of extending the life of your vehicle, producing long-term savings (more…)

We keep it real for you

  • We always help you understand the true condition of your car, so you can make well-informed choices
  • As part of the Autopro network our customers benefit from a 7,800-maintenance shop knowledge network
  • Not sure if you are covered for warranty repairs? We explain it clearly, and organize the repair appropriately

We’ll make you feel good!

  • We’ll do everything in our power to make your driving experience the best it can be
  • You will never receive an unexpected bill from us. We only proceed with work on your vehicle once we have your authorization.
  • Not sure if you should repair or buy a replacement vehicle? We’ll get you clear so you are in command of your choices (more…)

We guarantee all our work!

All our repairs and maintenance come with these comprehensive assurances:

  • the NAPA Autopro 12-month/20,000km Peace of Mind Warranty
  • we’ll resolve any unexpected issues relating to our work quickly, call direct toll-free 1 877 733 1302 for The Garage or 1 866 438 6272 for Peace of Mind warranty coverage
  • as a customer of The Garage, you have access to a network of 7,800 shops covering Canada and the USA should you need any assistance when you are further afield
  • all NAPA Autopro shops are able to access all our records for your vehicle, ensuring clear communications and efficient repairs

So you can simply enjoy driving – knowing your vehicle well-cared for.

 I love this family owned and run business! I trust The Garage implicitly and it is worth paying a little more for peace of mind and quality customer care. I have also converted to a ‘service’ model of car maintenance (rather than a ‘crisis’ model) and I really appreciate that I can discuss different options depending on my financial situation (i.e. what is critical, what can wait, what I should start saving up for and when I should think about selling the car).

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Download details of our NAPA Autopro Peace of Mind Warranty here.napa autopro POM warranty

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When you choose The Garage, you can drive with peace of mind, knowing that help is at hand should you need it.

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