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Jeffrey Tremblay

 Jeffrey Tremblay

"During these uncertain times as the situation with COVID-19 is still developing and the situation on the ground is changing, a lot of customers are calling and asking questions about the servicing of their vehicles.

We provide some answers here, and would love to hear from you if you have more questions. There's a form below this message where you can do that, and join our mailing list so we can keep you informed as to any new developments."

Ask away!

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Your questions

What social distancing and cleaning protocols
do you have in place?

  •  Staff and customers are asked to socially distance and wear face masks at all times.
  • When in contact with your vehicle we wipe down the steering wheel, shifter, window/door controls and any interior controls or surfaces we need to touch in order to carry out the service, with antibacterial spray and wipes.
  • We perform the same procedure upon completion of servicing your vehicle prior to pickup or delivery.
  • Most of the work we do on your vehicle has always been performed by our technicians wearing nitrile gloves. We now wear gloves at all times in order to ensure the highest level of precaution and to guard against bacteria build up or transfer.
  • We have a ‘surgically clean air’ filter system that kills airborne bacteria and viruses in our offices.
  • We are practicing the social distancing protocol of being more than 6 feet from each other and we wear professional filtered face masks.
  • All our staff have been instructed to immediately report any symptoms that may be related to the virus and to stay home if in doubt.
Are you still open and operating
under normal business hours?

Yes we are!

8am - 5pm Monday-Friday
Are you still providing the valet 
pick up & drop off service ?

Yes we are!

What's the situation with shuttle rides,
if I drop my vehicle off at your premises?

In order to maintain our 6ft social distancing obligations,
we have paused our shuttle service. However, there
are public transport options close by, or you can use
our pick up and drop off service.

Should you have any concerns about our service or your access to it, we want to hear them! 

As always, we are committed to looking after your vehicle’s health to the highest standards. And now, we are also taking every precaution with your health as well.

About the author 

Jeffrey Tremblay

A fourth-generation Operations Manager of The Garage since 2017, Jeffrey joined the business in 2008 as a service advisor. Passionate about serving people, he enjoys helping clients make their best vehicle maintenance and ownership decisions through an education-focused approach. In his leisure time he enjoys exploring the backroads of beautiful BC in the truck he’s owned for 13 years - a 1990 Toyota SUV with 355,000 km on the original engine and drivetrain.

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