The art of vehicle maintenance and repair: evolved

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Maintenance and repair

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It is approximately 46% cheaper to properly maintain a vehicle over the course of its life, than waiting for things to break and then fixing them. That is why we work with you to build efficient maintenance routines to optimize reliability, manage repairs and ensure minimum downtime and maximum vehicle usage.

Long-term maintenance

Our long-life maintenance plans for all makes of vehicles can generate some serious savings for you! It's as easy as booking a vehicle assessment and having a conversation, and then we will develop the best plan for you.

Our quarterly inspections provide valuable information to help you plan vehicle replacement so you can prepare for it well in advance.

Our relationship with you

We know that you want to understand the reasons for and what is involved in any work we do on your vehicle. That is why we go out of our way to make sure you have the best possible relationship with everyone at The Garage involved in looking after it - from your service advisor to your Red Seal technician.

Here's how we work with you

We work together in partnership with you and your vehicle provider as appropriate to inspect your vehicle frequently and monitor how things are changing with use.

Before we commence work on your vehicle, we always perform an inspection of the vehicle so we fully understand its condition and can explain it to you – the good, the bad and the ugly!

We thoroughly check for material ware, contamination of fluids and out-of-range sensors that may be affecting fuel economy, power, safety and the smooth running of the system.

We tailor a personalized maintenance schedule for you, that is not only based on the type of vehicle and the manufacturer’s minimum standards, but also on the type of usage, driving style, your budget and many other factors, to optimize both the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

With this approach you:

  • have a vehicle you can always depend on
  • know the true condition of your vehicle
  • significantly reduce the risk of a breakdown
  • extend the life of your vehicle by many years - even decades
  • have the option to buy fewer vehicles in your lifetime
  • reduce waste
  • save thousands of dollars

At The Garage, we maintain and repair all popular makes of vehicles

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Disappearing independent vehicle service shops and the impact on ownership
There’s a big change happening in the auto industry that’s catching people unawares. Essentially, we are moving from a mindset of ‘fix it when it breaks’ or ‘fix it when the light comes on’—that has been there since motor vehicles first arrived on the scene and is still very much entrenched in our thinking—to a culture of long-term preventative maintenance.
What you need to know about new car warranties and proper maintenance
When you buy a new car you, are sold a fantasy. The fantasy is that the manufacturer's warranty will save you lots of unpleasant expenditure and keep the car in good shape. To an extent, the warranty keeps its promise as you enjoy a trouble-free driving experience for three, four or five years. The trouble is that when the warranty expires, you may have a problem, and you may be surprised at the true condition of your car.
What’s with your car? Get a high tech, clear picture
At The Garage, we have invested in technology and training specifically designed to make sure that our customers get the fastest and best quality service, with absolute clarity on the customer’s part, in a way that puts them in control of their choices. Those who’ve tried it, love it!
Why are some seemingly simple repairs so expensive?
As vehicles become ever more computerized and complex, even the most basic repair can cost a lot more than you may reasonably expect. In this video, Kevin Tremblay, General Manager at The Garage in Vancouver, BC, explains why, for example, you can no longer simply replace a door lock cylinder when it breaks.


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